Born: Litomerice, Czechoslovakia, 1974


1992 Bachelor's Degree, The Glass School in Novy Bor, Czechoslovakia

1995 Teaching Certificate, Liberec, Czech Republic

Professional Experience

2006 - Present Freelance and Independent artist, Pavel Novak Glass, New Jersey, USA

As an independent artist, my main focus has been to make and sell my own line of optical glass jewelry and sculpture as well as commissioned work from other artists such as Martin Kremer, Jackie Braitman, and Martin Rosol.

2002 - 2006 Head of Cold Glass Studio, Josh Simpson Glass, Massachusetts, USA

2000 - 2002 Cold Glass Assistant, Steven Weinberg, Rhode Island, USA

1995 - 2000 Cold Glass Assistant, Michael Pavlik, Massachusetts, USA

1994 - 1995 Production glass grinder, Crystalex, Czech Republic

Teaching Experience

2013 Instructor, Glass Cold-Working - Corning Museum of Glass, NY

Using solid blocks of glass, students were taught to experiment with all aspects of cold working: grinding, polishing, the use of horizontal mill wheels and vertical lathes, and cutting with stone and diamond to create construction from glass. Students were taught the process of gluing glass elements with HXTAL glue. This class has been taught in one week sessions for beginning students, and 2 week sessions for advanced students.

2013 Instructor, Glass Cold-Working - Pittsburgh Glass Center, PA

Using solid blocks of glass, students experimented with many aspects of cold working: cutting with a diamond saw, grinding with silicon carbide grit, diamond wheels, polishing wheels, as well as the use of horizontal mill wheels and vertical lathes. Students also learned the HXTAL laminating process to join glass elements as well as other bonding techniques such as UV Glue. The instructor demonstrated cutting, gluing, sandblasting and also grinding optical glass in various sizes from larger scale sculptural forms to very small scale for jewelry purposes.

2012 Instructor, Glass Cold-Working - Corning Museum of Glass, NY

2011 Teaching Assistant - Donald Freidlich, Corning Museum of Glass

By working on a modest scale, students were taught to develop and understanding of sculpting and finishing glass in a range of forms. They explored various surface finishes, engraving, as well as inventive approaches to both carving and patterning with a sandblaster. Students were encouraged to make pieces that can be finished as jewelry or served as sculptural studies for larger work. This class was one week long and was geared to students of all levels.

2006 - 2011 Teaching Assistant - Martin Rosol, Corning Museum of Glass

2011 Visiting Artist - Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA USA

Taught multiple workshops for both students and faculty as an introduction to the grinding studio.

2005 Teaching Assistant - Josh Simpson, Corning Museum of Glass

Students in this class were taught to pull their own cane, fuse glass mosaic plate and bowl forms, and how to do pick-ups in the hot shop. Students were taught how to integrate typical Venetian style surface treatments, such as battuto, incise, and velato. During this one week session, I taught intermediate and advanced  students how to use cold working equipment including diamond and stone wheels, horizontal flat mills, belt sanders, and sandblasters

1993 - 1997 Professional Training Teacher, Glass Cold-Working Studio, The Glass School in Novy Bor, Czech Republic

Taught cold working skills at a higher, secondary and apprentice glass school at the world renowned school in Novy Bor.